Nautical Commission

to the Court of Commerce at Antwerp

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The Nautical Commission is active in a broad range of fields, including maritime shipping, barging,
the fishing industry, recreational boating, port-related activities as well as associated activities in other industries.

Its primary asset is its complete independence  from the parties concerned, as the Commission can only be instructed by the Courts. 

This also means that the Commission is always at liberty to accept any given mission.

All commission members have held command. They can draw on their extensive experience of all kinds of vessels

as well as being fluent in several languages (Dutch, English, French and German).

Based in Antwerp, the Nautical Commission is available all around the clock, every day of the year and can conduct investigations and inquiries all over the world.



A technical investigation into causes and circumstances

Carried out by an independent, neutral and objective investigator, who conducts an open inquiry in which all parties are involved and heard;

Started on the instructions of a Court further to an injunction, a judgment or a decision in Appeal.

The Court Investigator submits a technical opinion that is strictly limited to the questions set out in his mission.

The Court Investigator is not allowed to express an opinion on the legal aspects.

Parties may appoint a Court Investigator by common agreement, who will act subject to the same constraints as if he were appointed by a Court.

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Tel:  +32 (0)3 644 01 00   (24/7/365)
Fax: +32 (0)3 644 15 93

Oudeleeuwenrui 12
2000 Antwerp


VAT BE 0447 677 170

Company form:  cvba

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A basis for a judgment by a court or for an out-of-court settlement